Can't delete scheduled layout alone

At my schedule, I can’t remove layouts from a unique display. It always show the message:

“Are you sure you want to delete this event from all displays? If you only want to delete this item from certain displays, please deselect the displays in the edit dialogue and click Save.”

And if I proceed, the layout indeed is deleted from all displays.

There is something to be fixed on next versions, or is this a exclusive error from my cms?


There shouldn’t be any problems with deleting/unlinking/changing scheduled event’s layouts/displays
When you click on scheduled event, you will see this:

And here you can select(link/unlink) displays from scheduled event (you can choose displays from the list)
you can also change the layout which should be displayed.
If you click on ‘delete’ you will delete the event from schedule.

But it isn’t working. It doesn’t matter the number of selected displays, it always delete from all of them.

If you want to keep an event, but unlink(not delete) one specific display then you need to unlink it from the list (it can’t have this ‘tick’ on the right side).
Delete will delete whole event.

Unlinking one display from an event, and deleting event aren’t the same thing.


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Ok… My bad. heheh

I got a bit confused with the message. Thanks!