Can't change te layout

i have an issue that this display in particular wont change the layout, the layout works on other clients.
i have added the information screen, the error it shows says: “prepare layout failed. exception raised was 1 layout scheduled and it has nothing to show”

the version is 1.7.9

thanks in advance

Is this layout marked as valid in the CMS?
Could you please make sure and also run the verify all on Modules page - Why won't my layout play? / The splash screen plays instead of my layout
Does the .xlf files in player library (7.xlf 20.xlf) look fine to you, does they have everything they should have?

Does user which runs Xibo have correct permissions to player library?

Does this player appears as logged in (in CMS Displays page)?

i have looked in modules and things look like this

he his logged in according to cms, the layouts are vallid and i ran verify module on the module page.
i manualy put in files from another xibo library to see if that would change anything and it didnt.