Cannot view Media via the 'Media' tab in CMS

Player Version 3.3.4
Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (42.5)
Intel core i3 8gb Disk 250 GB
CMS local instal

In CMS I cannot view Media via the ‘Media’ tab. so localhost/library/view returns me to the login screen localhost/login.

Not sure if this is associated…
Also when I go into a layout it says ‘User saved preferences failed’. If I try to delete a widget I get ‘removed all changes failed’. Also, If I try to upload a new image in the layout area, it does nothing when I click on the upload new playlist I get ‘saved order failed’ and then underlined?

Xibo Options my folder is listed as /home/documents/library

Any thoughts advice welcome.

Looks like something went awry on your install, check permissions on the "shared* folder inside your xibo directory

Also check the permissions for that library folder as well.

Thanks Jon. Will do. Excuse the delay!

One other thought I had, if you’re using a reverse proxy make sure you have it setup correctly . When using an iis reverse proxy to debian CMS no list items in xibo would show, on any page. If your hitting the xibo server directly then my suggestion is of no use to you.

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