Cannot display video

Good evening everyone.
Most my Android customers are with status “Unknown Status Display”, walked checking the logs and noticed that many messages "not video display Can Uri = file:. ///mnt/sdcard/Android/data/ /files/533.wmv. What = 1. Extra = -2147483648. "
Does anyone have any idea what it is?
Thank you for your attention

It means that the video is not in a format that the Android OS can decode and therefore the Player can play.

WMV videos rely on third party codecs in the OS, added by the device manufacturer and can vary significantly in quality. It’s best to stick to the core Android formats for video (H264 MP4 and Webm) which should give no trouble.

You can transcode your WMV videos to MP4 with a tool such as Handbrake (

Also ensure that your devices are set to use the Public Storage option, and that a suitable storage location has been chosen.

Alex, I have some layouts with videos in mp4, they come to run, but has an hour of the same error, Can not display video. Uri = file: ///mnt/sdcard/Android/data/ What = 1. Extra = 0.

Error 1 is an unknown error.

Initially, I’d try switching between public and private storage using the option in the Player settings. This will cause your content to download again, but some devices will only play video from public storage, and some will only play from private storage, so you need to check both.

If that doesn’t resolve it, then it may be that the firmware on the device doesn’t have the codecs available to play back that content. Note MP4 is a container format and could contain one of several codecs. For best support on Android, you want it to be H264.

Also in general it’s a good idea to start your own thread about a different issue rather than post on an old thread from a year ago :slight_smile: