Cannot connect player

i’m trying to connect the player with the CMS but the system shows me that the “connection was aborted unexpectedly”
I could not find a solution for my problemin earlier threads.

Any ideas?


If you visit that same address in the browser on the Player PC - what do you get?

Hi Dan, when i click on “display admin” or enter the address in the browser I get the login form of the CMS.

In CMS settings can you set the server mode to Test and then repeat? I am hoping for an additional message in the Player options window

no change, the same message in the player options window

OK - can you try and follow the instructions on the fault page? there may be something logged at the CMS side.

Also be sure the Key is set correctly. The l could easily be mistaken for an I or a number 1 - so if possible copy and paste it from the CMS settings to be sure there’s no confusion.