Can we schedule pricing for layouts

Hello Team @natasha @DanBW @dan @alex,

We need to create a digital menu for the restaurant, but we only need to update the prices according to the time schedule, such as morning, noon, and night, without scheduling multiple layouts.

Is there any approach to get that.
Please let me know.

Hi vipiny,

This is the second direct message I have seen you send as a request for support. Please note that this is not the advised way to request support on the community forum. If you require support, please create a new topic in the appropriate section of the community forum, and a member of the team, or the community, will respond.

Many Thanks.

I designed something like this for my restaurant. Works great but I had to to use a template for each hour serving period. So I have three templates all scheduled for breakfst, lunch and dinner.


Thank you very much :heart_eyes: