Can we add more transitions in Xibo?


I would like to add a Flip transition in Xibo

Like this

Or this

Is it possible ? It would be awesome :wink:


Transitions between media items aren’t done in HTML, because some of the items Xibo shows aren’t in a browser (video for example).

The transitions available for media items therefore have to be implemented in the Player itself.

There are already flip animations (or very similar) available between items inside a single widget - on tickers or Twitter for example, and those are HTML based.

Oh thanks ! I wasn’t thinking Tickers was that powerful, it will be very helpful for us.

Can we ask a flip transition for a next version of the Android Player ? (like that )
Our designer needs this for his job (for example, a museum where you can see a picture than after it flips, you can see the description).

I don’t know the complexity of my question, but if some libraries can help you make this it could be an awesome feature to add (a very graphical one).

Thx for your help

You are free to request it. I don’t think it’s very likely in the next version.

To do a “flip” animation on a video would require huge amounts of real-time processing power, and there probably isn’t that available on most Android devices.

I’ll transfer your ticket in to the Features category so it’s considered for future enhancements.

The new GPUs (like Mali-T820MP3 or Mali-T860MP4) are getting better at that king of job (and now it costs from 50$ to 80$), but I understand the point.

I will request this maybe later, if only 10% of the current players can play something like this there are some others things to do.

Thank you for your answers.

The issue with a flip animation is that you have to have the outgoing and incoming view loaded and ready to show before doing the animation.

This is not something we do at present to keep our memory footprint low - and because sometimes it is not possible, like if you are switching between 2 videos.

In that case, maybe remove some transitions for some kind of widget (No flip for videos).

This is just an idea, but I think transitions is one of thr first things you can see when you try Xibo. It could help promote your solution