Can the XIBO WD additionally triggers a HW WD?


We had some IPCs that has build in hardware watchdogs which can be turned on in the BIOS. Additionally most (if not all) of them had some sort of software API which can be used for a small C-App to trigger/reset it.

Now comes the question: Can the XIBO-WD, in his “Check if XIBO run”-loop, additionally call an external app (eg. hw-wd.exe), which is the app that triggers the hardware watchdog?

If not: Can we implement that feature, based on the code in the GIT repository (if it is up to date!?), and are you willing to accept the patch as a pull request, so you can implement it upstream for all your users and we don’t have to repatch and compile it every update?

User Story

We had professional equipment to support, eg. OPS PCs from NEC, for our signage systems and want to had it as bullet poof as possible.

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If you are wanting to implement this yourselves we’d need to understand a little more about what hardware this would work with, and what dependencies might be introduced (and the licences those dependencies are released under) before we can comment on whether we would be able to accept a PR into the main codebase.

Any new libraries would need to be compatible with the AGPLv3 and we would need any hardware watchdog function to be defaulted to off and configured using the standard watchdog configuration file. In addition, we’d need you to accept the projects CLA which you can find here:

Thank you