Can the player stretch across multiple monitors?


Is there a specific method to get the Windows client to span across two monitors, or can two copies of the player run on one PC?
I have a PC which is connected to two monitors, and I need different media output to each screen. I know many other signage software products can support multi-monitor setups, but I can’t seem to find a way to force the client to span dual screen.
Is it possible to get the client app to span when using extended desktop mode in Windows 7?
If not, is it possible to run two copies of the client at the same time with two separate licences, one for screen 1 and the other for screen 2?

Nooborama - extended desktop
Extended monitor

You can do it either way.

If you extend your Windows desktop then you’ll need to define a custom resolution in the CMS for a double-width display and then design your layouts for that.

Alternatively, you can run two differently configured clients (I believe) on the same machine but you’ll need to define a Display Profile for each on the CMS to tell the client the size and offset of the Player window to display for each screen.


How does the CMS and the client detect monitor resolution with regards scaling the layout?
When I created a FullHD layout and played it on a XGA screen, it automatically shrunk the layout to the width of the screen.
When I created my current layout it was at 3840 x 510, which I thought would work correctly across two 1920 x 510 displays, but when I connect the two displays, it only seems to rescale and output on the primary display. If I press Shift+Win+Right, the output goes to the right screen only, again scaled down.

With regards to running two versions of the client, would I be able to install the software twice in two locations somehow, as surely, you can only run the executable once and will use the same registry entries for the client options, and installing twice may still use the same registry entries?



You need to ensure the Windows desktop is one display - which spans both (ie so the bottom bar spans both monitors). It will then fill the whole lot automatically.

Otherwise you need to configure a Display Profile in the CMS telling the client to size itself to be 3840x510 with 0x0 offset.

If you want to run two copies, I believe you install once, then copy the installation directory and rename XiboClient.exe to an alternative name which means it will use alternative settings.


See these very basic instructions