Can’t Find Screenshots

Where is the screenshot displayed after requesting a screenshot from a display? When I do request screenshot, I get a checkmark, but that’s it. I don’t really understand how it’s supposed to work.

I have 2.1.2. I installed it with Docker. Is XMR and ZeroMQ not already installed and configured?


When you request a screenshot, an extra column will appear “Thumbnail”. If it doesn’t you can enable it by selecting it from the list of columns you have enabled in the grid.

XMR is pre-installed with Docker yes. The only thing you need to set is the XMR public address on the Settings page of the CMS.

It should be tcp:// where is the fully qualified hostname of your server where Xibo is installed. You can use an IP address instead if you want.

If XMR is working properly with your Players, then you’ll get a new screenshot in the Thumbnail column in 1-10 seconds time if the Player is online.

If XMR isn’t working, it should return a screenshot next time it collects - however there are bugs with that behaviour in older Players, so you may never get a screenshot returned. In that case, make sure you have your Players upgraded to the latest versions.

HI need help to below issue.

im using Windows 10 64bit for xibo . all are runing but how to resolved this ZeroMQ is used to send messages to XMR which allows push communications with player issue . please help me for this

You said you were using a Docker-based install. XMR is pre-installed and configured for you in that case.

We don’t offer support for Custom installs. If you want to go that route, then you’ll need to resolve your environment issues yourself.

Actually I was try docker last time there was same issue with Screen short

Now I try with Windows 10 64 bit with help php 7.0.8 here is the same problem.

Please help…

As I explained, we do not offer support for custom installs.

The only reason screenshot would not work with a Docker install, is if you hadn’t correctly set the XMR public address as I outlined above, or if the XMR key was out of sync with your Player (in which case you need to edit the Display in the CMS and tick the reconfigure XMR box, wait 1 collection and try again).