Can not Display Video on Android Player


We tried to install Xibo for Android (V2_R205) on Digital Signage Player that got Android version 5.1.1.
We are using Xibo CMS that hosted at our VPS Linux Server.

However, the video can not display. And the log message at Status shown as below…

Method: XFA: VideoMedia. Message: Cannot displayy video. Uri=file:///data/data/, What=1.Extra=1…

We check the forum that advised to select Public Storage like SD Card. As shown below the screen captured of the Signage Player’s Storage.

It means you device firmware either doesn’t support the codec used for that video, or it can’t play video from its internal storage.

I would try selecting the internal shared storage from the Xibo for Android Settings menu (the screenshots you show are the Android settings and aren’t the setting you need to change).

If it still doesn’t work then I would suggest getting a better device as unfortunately video playback is entirely down to the device firmware.

We can run the video files if click it from the local drive or from USB

Please help as we had been tasked by our client to install Xibo for Android on about 200+ the same Digital Signage players…

You’ll likely be using a video player app that brings its own codecs in that case.

I would try swapping to the internal shared storage as I originally suggested as a first step.

However, we can’t find the setting menu of internal shared storage from the Xibo for Android Settings?

With Xibo for Android running, click anywhere on the screen to bring up the action bar at the top of the screen.

At the right of the action bar is three dots. Click on them, and then choose Settings.

We can find only two items - Hide & Status. We can’t find any other menu?

It’s to the right of the Status button. I think your TV is cropping the edge of the image off.

You may find in the device’s settings there are options to adjust the overscan to correct that.

After trying a few times…at last managed to find the settings & select external SD card storage… now it works well.

Thanks a lot for the help & guides…

Later will get the licenses for Xibo for Android…


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