Can no longer assign a layout to a display

My displays are being assigned what ever layout they feel like it seems, Well any layout except the layout I assign them. ,

Up until today I had no problems changing layouts on my displays but I came in this morning after scheduling my tv’s to turn on and off, and the assigned layout was not displaying, instead one of my dev layouts was.

Under current layout an unassigned layout is being displayed, Upon deleting that layout, the current layout field displays nothing and my displays are rotating though old layouts, but the layout I need assigned is no where to be seen.

I have spent days configuring this system and all of a sudden it no longer seems to work at all.

I have replied to your other post in the Support forum. As you are asking about the same issue across 2 posts, I will reply only to your other post to avoid confusion.

Can you add any other updates to the Support post please.

Many Thanks.