Can I use the Xibo name/logo?

The Xibo name and logo are symbols of the high quality of software and support Xibo users have come to enjoy. We realise however that as individuals or companies build products and services around the Xibo system, they may wish to use the Xibo name and logo in that context.

This policy has been put in place to safeguard the reputation of the Xibo project.

The Xibo logo was created by Paul van Dun and is copyright of the Xibo Project (for legal purposes, Dan Garner and Alex Harrington)

Use on websites

Permission is granted to use the Xibo name and logo to provide a link back to the official Xibo website. (

Use in the context of a derivative product or service based upon Xibo

Permission is granted to use the Xibo name and logo to describe the underlying technology your product or service uses. It must not be used in a manor designed to cause confusion or to imply that the product or service is in any way related to, part of or supported by the Xibo project.

An example of acceptable use would be to say that:

X Digital Signage Ltd use Xibo Open Source Digital Signage system

or to include a Xibo logo on your website or headed notepaper so long as it’s clear that Xibo is the technology you’re using - not that you are the sole provider or developer/maintainers of Xibo.

An example of use that would not be acceptable might be:

X Digital Signage Limited, Xibo Project Partners provide the Y signage system

or to use the Xibo logo in the context of a company of similar name.

Use on merchandise

You may not use the Xibo logo on any retail merchandise without written permission from the copyright holder (with the exception of unmodified stable release versions of the Xibo software). For example it is not permissible to retail mugs, t-shirts etc bearing the Xibo logo or name without permission.

Use in books or articles

Permission is granted to use the Xibo name and logo in the context of a book or article about the Xibo Digital Signage system.

Failure to meet these criteria

Any failure to meet the guidelines will result in the individual or company involved infringing copyright.

What to do if you are still uncertain

If you are uncertain as to whether the use you have in mind is acceptable, or we have not covered the use in this document, please feel free to post a question in the General Discussion category or to contact the rights holders directly. You should assume that your use is unacceptable until such time that this document is updated in your favour or you receive written permission from the copyright holder.


This policy is subject to change without prior notice at any time.