Can i integrate my own application to xibo cloud cms with shell command via API http request?

Hello, my objective is to create a layout that contains text which can dynamically change in real-time through an API of an application I’ve developed. Is this condition feasible?

By the way, I’ve tried using Shell Command with HTTP Request and put my API link into the url label, but i have no idea how to use the response from my URL and convert it to real text…

Any Idea how to do this thing? and sorry for my broken accent of english.
I’m workin on CMS Cloud Xibo Version 4.0.5.
I’ll appreciate any help from you guys.

The way to do that currently would be use to the Embedded or HTML Package widgets and write some JavaScript which updates the text from your service. Put your Embedded/HTML package widget on a Layout and schedule it on the player as normal.

In 4.1 we will have the concept of a “Real Time DataSet” and “Data Connector” which will automate a lot of this work.

i get problem of references library 0 when i inserting an array [0] in my javascript code, while my objective is to take one of my newest data on my API response. Is it prohibited to use the ‘’ symbols? any advice to avoid this?

The [] in Xibo is used to insert an image from the library and so we automatically replace that in the JavaScript section.

If you want to use array access syntax, then you can put your JavaScript in the HEAD section.

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Thanks a lot dev! the solution is helping me, Problem solved and i’m gettin better with these things! can’t wait for the realtime dataset feature in next version. :+1:

Is that Dynamic Data Widget/Action #2428? Realtime data would be awesome!

Yeah, we’re working on an extensible “Data Connector” which is attached to a DataSet and will allow the player to run some JavaScript to connect to and consume from data sources which are local to it.

Sneak peak:

We attach it to a DataSet so that you can optionally define a data structure so that you’d be able to design something simple using Elements in the Layout Editor. More complex examples would be made using a module template with HTML/CSS.