Campain scheduling issues / looping

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CMS Version

Version 3.3.3

Player Type

Latest Android and Windows

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Android R310, Windows R308


We organize a yearly free / non-profit festival, and this year we got a huge 8.5x5 meter LED screen lend to us for free. The primary goal of this screen is to replace the printed banners we used last years from our sponsors(we have a lot) and show them in a more interactive way. As Powerpoint didn’t cut it, I looked for Digital Signage software, and after evaluating a few, Xibo ticked all our boxes.
So I installed Ubuntu Linux, docker, and the Xibo docker using this manual:
Xibo for Docker | Xibo Digital Signage (using Mysql/MariaDB on the host, party also because it did not work in de docker by default). Used reverse proxy and a official SSL certificate to make it available.
All seem to work extremely well. Great intuitive product.

However, after creating several Layouts and put them together in a Campaign, it doesn’t do what I want it do do.
This could(or probably) very well be user error, but I searched the forum and read the manuals.

So as an example I got 2 layouts that all got basically a clock, the weather and and a RSS/Ticker feed and then one or more images widgets that show images for x seconds. Layout one takes 1 minute to show al the images, layout two takes 2 minutes to show the images.
So when I put them in a campaign(1 time) and schedule them, I would expect it to play Layout one1(1 minute) and then Layout 2(2 minutes), then Layout 1 again…
It doesn’t do that, it seems to play 1, then several times 2. Or just random, I don’t know.
Also, when I add a layout playing a video(layout is 1.5 minutes) it plays the layout and video, and then stops for 30 seconds before going to the net Layout.
I checked all layouts timelines for the regions. They all seem to check out.

Can’t figure out why this is happening.
Thank you in advance!

And then, after fiddling for a day with this, I found the issue is in the RSS feed/Ticker 5 minutes after posting the above. :frowning:
The “Duration is per item” seems to force it to play all the items in the RSS feed(in my case different feeds per layout), but this doesn’t reflect on the timeline.

I have now adjusted “The Number of RSS items you want to display” setting multiplied by the “duration” and it seems to work much better now.

Hi welcome to the Community!

Glad you figured it and out and have it working :+1:

Thank you for your comments, it’s great to hear you have moved to digital signage and I am sure it will be a more engaging display than last years printed banners!

Good luck with the festival, it would be great if you could share some pics of your screen in action (if you are able too) to inspire our community members :slight_smile:

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Hi Natasha,

Will do. If you want, we would be happy to include you as a “sponsor” in the sponsor slideshow(image+text or small video) as well. The audience is Dutch (age 0 to 100 ). With the English term “Digital Signage”, they probably don’t know what it is.


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but that sounds fantastic, thank you!

I will dm you :slight_smile:

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