Campaign Filter Not Working


I added a campaign and I want to add layouts it. There are lots of layouts so I want to use Name and tag filter in campaign -> dropdown menu -> layouts but they aren’t working.



Did you hit the Enter key after providing name/tag ?
When you enter name/tag you need to either click outside the text box or confirm by pressing ‘Enter’ key.

Let me know if that works for you.

yes, I did but not work

Are you perhaps using older CMS version? (in this case older = not 1.7.4)
There was an issue with this filter, I believe it was fixed in 1.7.4

no, I use 1.7.4 but I can’t filter

Are you both definitely trying the same filter?

  • Campaign
  • Select a Campaign Row Menu
  • Layouts
  • Enter a name on the Layout filter
  • Tab away