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I am trying to pull a Google Calendar into the calendar widget. However every event that is pulled displays with tags around it in the display and shows all of the html markup. Has anyone encountered this? I cannot figure out any reason why the iCal feed would be pulled and displayed this way.

I am also hitting this. Is there a fix or workaround perhaps?

If you could pass on a copy of your Layout, we can take a closer look to see why this is happening for you.

Sounds good. Layout export is here –

The feed is public on the internet, so you should be able to see the content. An example entry which demonstrates the issue is the “Electronics Meetup”

I passed this to the support team to take a closer look and the Layout export you have provided is not the Layout with the reported issues? However, they used the same feed and configuration (as in the original Layout screenshots) and did not encounter any issues when using v3.1.2 so we would suggest upgrading to see if the same issue occurs for you. Alternatively if you could provide the original Layout we can take a look. (There was no issue found with the exported Layout and all looks fine)

Thank you

Thanks Natasha

We recently upgraded to 3.1.2

We will monitor and let you know what we find

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