Calendar widget day grouping?

I’m trying to figure out how to group events per day if that’s currently possible?

We like to show the current weeks events as a list on the right side of the screen, it works but shows the day next to every single event so if there are 5 events on Monday its showing
Monday 9am Event 1
Monday 9:50 am Event 2
Monday 10:30am Event 3
Tuesday Event 4
Tuesday Event 5

Is it possible to group these by day with a heading?
9am Event 1
9:50am Event 2
10:30am Event 3

Event 4
Event 5

Welcome to the community.

There isn’t a group by option on the Calendar Widget at the moment, although I can see why that would be useful. Maybe if we had a way to filter out events, meaning you could have a Widget for each day and filter the events. I’ve added it as a feature request for us to have a think about.

I can’t think of a workaround either i’m afraid.

Best wishes,

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