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displays like the Philips 10BDL3051T are used for meeting systems. They have LED lights which shows the status of a room (free = green / used = red). These LED’s could be controlled by XIBO commands:


Now it would be very cool if I could define commands in the calendar module which are automatically executed depending on events:

current event = yes: tpv_led|green
current event = no: tpv_led|red


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Hi all,

This way a property would be really nice


any update about that feature request? I think it should be easy to implement, or not?


Something like that in the calendar module:

You should be able to implement this yourself. The ‘commands’ you have listed in your screenshot are just references that are created under Displays > Commands. Now you have to actually assign a command string for the OS type under the display settings. If you go to Display Settings > [any object] > Edit > Commands, here you can create actual command strings for the OS to run when the referenced command is used through Xibo.

The display you referenced (Philips 10BDL3051T), according to Phillips documentation, you can only control the LED’s via Ethernet or RS232. In theory, if you dig through the below documents and find the command strings to control the LEDs, you should be able to create a string that will send the command from whatever device is your Xibo player to the screen over the network and change the LEDs on the fly.

User Manual - - see page 32
Phillips SICP Command Ref -

(if xibo staff reads this, I think it would be a better idea to keep the actual command strings under the Displays > Commands tab, but add a drop-down menu or something to specify what command string relates to what OS, that way commands are all kept in a single place vs per display setting profile)

The problem is not to run the command, we can already switch on the LED and change color. What we want it to switch the color based on the status (free / used) of the room. In the Calendar Module you have already templates for current events. Now I need to run the command in this template.

Thank you for posting and all your comments.
I have passed this to our development team who agree that this would be a great enhancement to have. Please see the link below:

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