Calendar from Office365 stopped working

To be completed by the original poster:

CMS Version 3.3.6

Player Type Windows Client on latest / updated Windows 10 OS

Player Version 3.3.6


Specifically we’re having a number of issues (which appear to be somewhat out of the blue).
1> Our initial issue was a report from OpenWeather that we were exceeding our 1000 requests per day. We have one tiny Weather module which updates once every 15 minutes, so i’m not sure how i’m going wrong. I’m currently blocked, so waiting to see if i’ve already fixed that.
2> Subsequent to this, we started getting a strange 3 banners on loading the CMS, which report “301 Moved permanently, nginx”

3> And the key issue i’m looking for help with today is a sudden inability to load ICS files in the calendar module. This has worked consistently since we moved to v3+. We load an .ics file from Office365. Opening the same file directly on both the CMS server and the clients works fine.
On the clients, i just get a blank window, but in the CMS i see this:

I’m including items 1 and 2 as they might be related, but really looking to get my calendar back up initially.
I’ve upped the logs, but decoding the log data isn’t easy… I do see the following which seems to related to the image above:

341627 e9de5db 2024-03-18 15:40 WEB GET ERROR /playlist/widget/resource/3190/3094 Concurrent record locked, time out.
341626 e9de5db 2024-03-18 15:40 WEB GET ERROR /playlist/widget/resource/3190/3094 concurrentRequestLock: Record locked, no tries remaining. widgetId: 3094

Any thoughts where i should start on this? I’m honestly a bit stumped. Happy to work on my own if i can get some general direction! It almost feels like the clients are spamming the CMS (and in turn the weather service?) and causing locks? But that might be way off.

Hoping to get an upgrade to v4 done ASAP, but we don’t use docker, so it tends to be a biggish job…

Kind Regards and thanks as always for the most excellent product!

Some more info on this.

I’m now getting “Missing a temporary folder” errors uploading images to the Media Library, which i think might lead towards the root cause of our problems.

Permissions are assigned and the system hasnt fundamentally changed since deployed. Windows Updates are installed regularly, but Xibo hasnt been changed in a while.

IUSR has modify over the inetpub\xibo folder AND the media library folder. I can see things like fonts being created in the temp folder under Media Library.

I can’t see anything obvious in the logs, but there are errors related to other activities (such as failing to download calendars and retrying the weather updates. I expect these are failing due to whatever permission issue im having.

Bit stuck now really.

Concurrent record locked happens when two processes try to generate the same Widget concurrently. One of them locks it, generates the data, releases the lock and then they both get the same cached data returned.

If you’re getting this error it usually means that something unexpected/fatal broke during that cache generation and the execution stopped before releasing the lock. It will release itself eventually, but you need to find and fix the root cause.

“Missing a temporary folder” is mapped through directly from PHP and probably means that your PHP configured temporary folder isn’t accessible.

In the mean time I’d encourage you to get the latest v3.3 as there are important security fixes between what you have and that release. 3.3.6 → 3.3.10 is a code patch only (no DB changes) which should make it easier to apply.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. PHP was indeed the problem Though the root cause is still unclear to me, there were thousands of php temp files in c:\windows\temp, so certainly create and modify permissions were working (and remained unchanged from when it was working).

As a work around, I simply created a new “XiboTmp” folder on a different drive, gave IUSR modify and changed the upload_tmp_dir line in PHP.ini to:
upload_tmp_dir = D:\xibotmp

Restarted the webserver and it’s all working perfectly again!

Thanks for the advice regarding the security update. I’m cracking on with a v4 deployment at pace now, so i’ll most likely just complete that and export/import my layouts - i like a fresh build every few years! :slight_smile: - I have PHP8.3 and MySQL 8.3.4 installed and i’m just working through the required modules.

Sincerely, thanks!