Build Xibo on MAMP

I am trying to build Xibo to run on MAMP on a mac. I keep getting the error ‘MySQL support must be enabled in PHP.’

I have located the php.ini file to uncomment the line enabling the mysql extension, but no such line exists in my php.ini file.

I was previously planning to install it one of my free domains but my hosting provider does not allow root access to my mysql database on the shared hosting plan I was on.

Is there a guide for installing on MAMP environment in mac or can anyone help?

Also if anyone can point me to a relatively cheap hosting option where they have successfully installed xibo that would be much appreciated!

It definitely was not tested therefore we can’t recommend it.

It would probably be easier to install 1.8 beta and Docker than current 1.7 series.

As for[quote=“beatsmithbrown, post:1, topic:6691”]
Also if anyone can point me to a relatively cheap hosting option where they have successfully installed xibo that would be much appreciated!

Excuse me while I shamelessly tell you about Spring Signage cloud hosting it will also come with our support regarding your CMS and other benefits listed on the site for rather small price 1.20GBP per display slot, per month, billed annually.

We also offer demo CMS (14 days) you can sign-up for it for free in our Customer Portal (you’d need to create and activate your account first)

Hi thanks for your reply.

I should probably start with the end goal in mind. Our company sells a lot of android and windows based advertising displays. We are interested in offering our clients an web based solution that they can log into from one domain that we control. From what I have read i think either the off-line module or some kind of reseller package is the direction we intend to go.

Of course, initially I would just like to test this and this is the point I am at.

The spring signage cloud hosting is not really ideal for us, we are talking high volume of android devices… I do think however a conversation regarding the off-line module and reseller options would be beneficial.

I think my only option is to find hosting that will allow me root access to databases.

I should add, I was hoping that using MAMP I could create a local test environment for the time being.

I am sure you could get this to work - but unfortunately we don’t have anyone officially with the project familiar with it. We’re all Ubuntu/Windows guys if we’re honest :slight_smile:

Docker could be a good route for you to go down - I am sure Docker is functional on mac and the docker containers we started shipping with the 1.8.0-beta should give you easy access to the CMS for testing purposes. You could then look at Docker hosts in the long term, or VPS’s that support Docker.

High volume is one of the requirements we’ve aimed to solve with our platform - it is heavily engineered to cope with the load generated by a slew of players connecting. It’s not for everyone though, and I completely understand you wanting to run your own system (Xibo is great for that too!).

We’d be more than happy to discuss offline licensing and android reselling with you - just drop us a note to