Bug with uploading image

I cannot create an issue at Github, so I post it here.

Xibo version: 1.7.5
MySQL: 5.7.10
PHP: 5.5.30
Apache: 2.4.9

Layouts --> Add layout
Edit design of layout --> go to button Options and press Background.
In the popup window press background image press “Add image”. Add a file and press upload in the same row as the new file that has been added.

After upload press “set background”.
I get this error on a blank page:
{“files”:[{“name”:“1452161179-4352”,“size”:0,“type”:"",“error”:“No file was uploaded”}]}

You will get this error in the log:
Request URL: /xibo/index.php?p=content&q=JqueryFileUpload&type=image
Error: (also shown on blank webpage)
unlink(LOCATION\xibo-data/temp/Roze-achtergronden-roze-wallpapers-roze-achtergrond-hd-5.jpg): No such file or directory

Instead of temp\Roze-achtergronden-roze-wallpapers-roze-achtergrond-hd-5.jpg I find this:

The file 1 (no extension) is the actual jpg.
I retried this acount a couple of times. Most times the file in the temp folder is named correctly, but not always. The errors are showing up each time.

PHP and Apache log do not contain any error.

Note: if I refresh the webpage I get a blank page with the text:

However, the file is actually uploaded and available to select.

I found the following problem in the debug log, I get it each time. Maybe it is related:
Warning: 1265 Data truncated for column ‘type’ at row 1

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for your detailed report.

The bug report for it already exists in gitHub, now I’ve also added this topic there.
Hopefully thanks to all of this we will be able to fix it in the next release.