[Bug] Widget duration changes within Playlists don't updates its representation in sup-playlists within layouts

CMS Version

2.3.10 & 3.0.3

Player Type

Irrelevant because it happend on the CMS before it gets deployed.

Player Version

Irrelevant because it happend on the CMS before it gets deployed.


You have a sub-playlist widget in a layout and in this (sub-)playlist is a website-widget. The website-widget have a standard duration (in my case 3600sec) and it isn’t overruled in the widget settings. Now this duration is shown in the layout overview and in the sub-playlist widget in the layout edit screen.

Now change the duration of the website-widget by overruling it in the timeline settings (i choose 60sec) and save that.

Now look at the layout overview, the time there isn’t updated immediately (but it will eventually). But if you go in the layout edit screen, the duration from the sub-playlist widget never gets updated, regardless what I tried. The only way I get the correct time there was by removing the sub-playlist completely and add it again.

I don’t know which time the website is played in the field now?

A quick additional test gave me the impression that the problem doesn’t have to do (soley) with the website widget. If I add another new widget to the (sub-)playlist, this duration change also don’t get passed on to the sub-playlist representation in the layout.

Still there in CMS 3.0.3 Docker.

I testet it with more widgets, the problem has nothing to do with what kind of widgets you edit. If you choose to set a forced duration eg. on an image widget (I tryed 10s instead of the standard 60s), then this duration change never gets updated in the layout editor timeline.

Sorry, I mean 3.0.4 (3.0.3 was from my OP).

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it appears to be a visual bug in the Layout Designer so won’t affect scheduling. I have taken this to our dev team to investigate further, in the meantime if you go back into your Layout and click Save on the Sub-Playlist Widget (after making any changes to the duration of the Playlist) that will update the duration in the editor.

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