Blacklist player

Hi guys,
i have a player which is removed from the CMS and each time it is turned on, it connects itself and asks for approval.

Is it possible to permanently remove this player from connecting to the CMS?
I know, i can uninstall the client software and that is it but you can’t do that if the player has no remote access.


The Player cannot be blacklisted from the CMS. You could change your Secret Key in your CMS as this would stop the player from creating a Display record, but then you would have to update the Secret Key on the Players that wish to keep connected, which is not an ideal solution if you do not have remote access to the other Players.

The solution is to either uninstall the Player or ignore the Display record that the Player keeps creating, as long as you do not authorise the Player, it will just sit dormant.

Many Thanks.

the idea was to delete it permanently.
Looks like it isn’t possible.
It is just silly to see it hanging there.

If i change the secret key at cms and than delete the player,
will it show up again?

If you change the secret key on your CMS, then the value will not match the secret key stored on the Player anymore. If you then delete the Display from the CMS records, when the Player attempts to make a connection with the CMS, it will not be able to create a Display Record due to the stored key not matching the new CMS key. this should stop the Player showing up again.

Remember that this will be true for all other Players that you have. If you wish to keep a connection to those other Displays, you will need to enter the new key into their settings. If you have a large number of Players or cannot remotely access them, this may not be an appropriate solution.

Many Thanks.

Changing the secret key is unfortunately not a good solution :frowning:
There has to be a way of deleting the player permanently or rejecting it automatically without letting it create a record on cms.

If administrator has the rights to either reject or accept the player, it should also have the rights to delete it permanently.