Black screenshot on android player(only video)

did someone has fix this problem? when i request a screenshot on android player the screenshot only appear black on video, did you fix this problem ? or someone can help ?

Assuming you’re using a recent Xibo for Android Player, and your hardware supports it (eg a DSCS9), and you’ve given permission for Xibo to write to your device shared storage (it’s done as part of the connect to the CMS wizard) then you can use the screencap intent to capture a screenshot including video content.

To do so, simply enter screencap in to the Display Settings profile under the Advanced tab:

It will take longer than normal to return the screenshot - normally 10-12 seconds. As I say it will only work on devices that support this behaviour in their firmware such as the DSCS9.

soo if i using normal android box when android player playing a video , when i request a screenshot in cms it will only appear black ? there is no fix for this ?

Try the screencap intent I’ve outlined as it does work on some other devices.

Otherwise no unfortunately because video is hardware accelerated it’s not possible for us to get a screenshot of the video running. The device has to do that at the firmware level.

I am running DSCS9 devices, is there a way to remotely enable the permission to write the shared storage in order to get the screen shoot with the video.


No I’m afraid not. You would need to open the Connect to CMS wizard on the device and grant permission there.

I am running version 206 of the client whitelabel, but i cant find the option you specify under Connect to CMS.

It only ask for CMS Address, and CMS Key no advanced options.

I also have looked on settings but could not find the option.


As soon as you open that screen it will popup and ask if you’ve not already granted permissions. If it isn’t doing so, then you have already granted permission.


So i have the needed permissions and i sill have the black portion where the video should be shown, i have set the screencap on the CMS and also specific to another DSCS9 player one with version 6 and the other with version 7


Is the date/time definitely updating on the screenshot?

For Android 6 you should have Surface View turned off and for Android 7 it should be enabled.

You should just have screencap in the screenshot intent field with no leading or trailing whitespace. The Player will then need to collect once before it can work. Perhaps you could provide screenshot of those settings to check they’re correct

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