Big video crashes with ticker

My current layout has a powerpoint in video format and on the bottom a little ticker with messages.
when I try changing the video to a bigger one (more MB) the player crashes.

Regarding PowerPoint is it just saved as video and then you added it in a video module to your layout?
How big is the file?
Is it correctly displayed in Windows Media Player?

Yes, it is saved as video as you say. The powerpoint works correctly as a video. It is 45 seconds long.

In my library I have a 500 mb video and a 200 mb video. I try changing to one of those while having the ticker in a region below and the player crashes.

Both video work well on windows media player and if I save them in a layout separately (just the long video).

Can you try the larger one on a Layout by itself? Just to rule in/out the ticker as part of the problem?

Trying. It displays correctly.

Do you have “Use CEF” enabled in your display settings profile?

CEF option is disabled.

Could you please check and change if necessary the IE emulation value?
You can find more details here: Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

If that will not solve this issue, could you please tell us if you saw any error message when player crashed?

When i say crash I mean it shows the default xibo digital signage layout. Sorry for misunderstanding. Does this change the type of problem and possible solution?

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It suddenly started working. Should I still enable the IE 11 feature?

Yes it does rather change things :smile:

It is most likely downloading your new larger file and showing the default layout whilst it is doing so. When you modify the currently active layout it can’t really do anything other than move to another Layout while it updates - if you don’t have any other scheduled Layouts, that will be the default layout.

If you are editing the default layout - that will be the splash screen.

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It probably finished downloading :smiley: [quote=“jonathan9879, post:10, topic:2995”]
Should I still enable the IE 11 feature?

No, that won’t be necessary

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Thanks once again for your awesome support and software! Issue solved.

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