Best looking fonts for Restaurant Menu Digital Signage

Good day all!

I would like to know what font you guys use for a food menu. I have use a few and they don’t look that good so far. They do on my Desktop, but once on the displays, they don’t look that great.

We have 32 and 50 inches LG Displays 1920x1080.

I used data set with custom CSS : font-size: 21px; font-family: Oswald;


It depends so much on what kind of theme you have going. I just created a background and added the text in Xibo. You could try and use a google font which are all optimized for web viewing.

Google Fonts:

Design I created and use for a school’s kitchen menu:

Thanks ISE. We do are using a Google Font, seems like it’s gonna be a question of trying multiple fonts to find our winner.