Best hardware for Dual Screen Android setup using Xibo

Bonjour! After testing the Android Client, we felt in love over the PC version!

Now the question is, what would be the ideal pc to install Android considering:

  • Dual screen capable (landscape 2x 19201080 or portrait 2x 10801920)

Thanks a lot!

Hi David

As far as I’m aware (and I’d love someone to correct me), Android only fairly recently got any concept of dual screen output in the SDK itself, and that none of the set top box style devices seem to have supported that functionality yet.

I’ve had a look and can find some Android devices from Geniatech that can do HDMI passthrough but nothing that has twin HDMI outputs.

So that leaves a couple of options. You could use a matrix scaler to take a single 1080p output and stretch it over the display. It’s going to be hard to get Xibo to generate output that looks reasonable on that setup though. There are ways around that - for example by only using 50% of the layout space (and creating two phantom displays in the matrix switch to consume that empty space).

Alternatively, you could use a matrix scaler and use that to drive 4 displays - such that your 4x1920x1080 make a virtual screen the same aspect ratio as the Android device will be exporting.

So that leaves a few options, I’d like to have your tougths on those:

  1. Will the 1.8 support layers on Windows Client?
  2. Forget the dual screen animation for now 'till later if ever it is supported
  3. Use a matrix to split the signal, but then we loose 50% quality
  4. Go for a 4K android mini-pc, then the matrix could output much better quality

Thanks everyone,

  1. We’d certainly aim for that
  2. Or run two separate devices - but then the content won’t be in sync between them. That may or may not be an issue depending on your use case
  3. Potentially - although the upscaling in some of those devices is pretty impressive
  4. Yes indeed
  1. We’d certainly aim for that (What is the ETA?)
  2. Or run two separate devices - but then the content won’t be in sync (We would not do dual screen animation, but that is our best option I believe)
  3. Potentially - although the upscaling in some of those devices is pretty impressive (Not a good option :wink:
  4. Yes indeed (Any player you would recommend ?)

Thanks Alex!

  1. We’re not committing to an ETA as it’s too far in the future to give any meaningful date.
  2. None of our current recommended devices are able to output 4K. We’ve tested the Minix X8 Plus which is 4K compatible but have had issues on that platform. I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending it at the moment.

So that goes down to my last question I believe! What would be the best player with FullHD, auto-power on and portrait/landscape capability for us? We will start with 5 of them and we live in Quebec, Canada.

Thanks a lot!!!

I’d refer you to the recommended hardware list.

Minix X7mini with custom firmware - which is admittedly a little hard to get hold of at the moment.

We’re nearly finished testing the Minix Z64 - but that doesn’t have auto power on (unless you’re prepared to open the case up and move the jumper yourself).

Both Minix devices would need custom firmware from Minix (available from their support team) to support screen rotation.

Or DS Devices here in the UK.

The recommended hardware list is the best place to look though:

That sounds good enough! No problem opening it. Plus it is available from a few suppliers in Canada! Thanks!

As I mentioned it’s not on our official recommended list yet but I think it will be shortly. Dan and Peter both test on that device now.

Hi Alex! We’ve ordered a Minix Z64 with Android to test here at the Museum. You mentionned “custom firmware from Minix”, is there someone in particular we should reach to get this?


Hi David

If you contact Minix support and ask for firmware that supports rotation (or indeed is rotated 90 degrees by default) they should be able to send you a file. You’ll then need to flash that to the device.


Hi Alex! We got our Z64, installed Xibo right out of the box and TADAM! Works like a charm so far with a looped video background and additionnal layers on top! Now, before opening it for the jumper, we would like to do our portrait mode test, but no news from Minix… Can you share the firmware you got?



Yeah they’re great boxes.

I’m afraid I can’t. We have rotation firmwares for all the Minix boxes we recommend but not for the Z64 (because we’ve not needed one yet).

Generally Minix are accommodating for that though. They should get back to you with what you need.

Update: I’ve emailed their support team too to see if I can get anywhere with it

Super appreciated! I’ll also keep you posted if they get back to us and we’ll let you know about our tests and results!

Got an answer from Minix : “The Z64-A have not firmware to support rotation screen.” …

Yes that’s the same response I just got. I’ve expressed my concern about this but they seem to be sticking to their guns. I’m exploring another possibility at the moment. Leave it with me for a few days and I’ll see if that comes up with anything.

Great, thanks a lot. Otherwise, we’ll have to order other models for our portrait mode displays (only 2) but that would have been nice to use all the same devices.