Best device with RTC battery

We are using Xibo CMS and Android app with Minix Neo X5 Mini devices for our clients. They are going to open more stores in next few months and we recently got to know that Minix is discontinuing Neo X5 Mini model and will be available till stock lasts.

There are many other brands available in the market but all of them are without RTC battery. Our clients do not always have internet connection due to which we cannot rely on automatic date and time update, thus the RTC battery.

Which is the best device with RTC battery? Minix Neo X6, 7, 8 are available but is out of our budget, has antenna and has power button.

We prefer something that is,

  1. cheaper, in the price range of Neo X5 Mini or less
  2. has RTC battery
  3. doesn’t have antenna
  4. turns ON when provided power supply. We do not prefer device that has a power button to turn the device ON

Thanks in advance!

No one has a suggestion??

Other device options that are shown on Xibo pages are too expensive.

Just wondering if anyone has a solution for this? We also require an android device with RTC due to connectivity out in the field