Background Colors Wrong + YouTube Not Playing

Time and Date are correct on the player

Player Version: 1.7.3


I have created a new layout and have three elements that work exactly as intended on the admin preview but not when viewing in the ‘Display’ on the client.

The three regions that are not displaying correctly are the text region, clock, and embedded (where YouTube is scripted). The first two (text + clock) are displaying black backgrounds on the client instead of being transparent and blue, respectively.

The third, the YouTube embed, has been scripted per the script here: Autoplay Embedded Youtube Videos | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage. It plays correctly in the admin preview but the client does not autoplay and if I’m able to click on it there is a playback error with just an ID, no error number.

Thank you for any help and guidance you can provide. I’ve included a screenshot to provide some guidance.


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