Background Color per Region


It would be great to be able to set the background color per region, and not just per layout.

User Story

…this would allow us to have different “flash” colors between widget changes depending on the region.
For example the text background colors of different DataSet Tickers in that region and maybe a muted gray between videos in another region.

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Hi, thanks for posting!

We are currently working on v4 of the CMS which aims to improve the user experience with the Layout Editor and will go on to include some great new features. One of which is having the ability to add shapes so you could for example add a square to an area on the Layout and then colour just that background rather than the entire layout. We are hoping to have an Alpha available very soon which we will be encouraging users to test and feedback (look out for further announcements) to which we will then be adding new features etc for further Beta testing and feedback :+1:


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it…but it would probably be nice to have a background function for a region which you could internally implement as a shape.