Avoiding going back to the beginning of layout sequence


I am fairly new to Xibo and am trying to develop the following arrangement. This is for a healthcare facility and we are on version 1.7.8

We have three lists of material - possibly best set up as a playlist on each of three layouts

  1. Corporate playlist of images (say 10 jpegs) – played across all players on the system

  2. Local list of images – relevant to a local department (say 10 jpegs)

  3. Local activity – in this case a list of clinics on a datasheet, which can be updated locally by staff

What I would like to do is have the local player poll each of the layouts sequentially say for 10-20 seconds each time, to get a mix of these.

However I also want to avoid every time it goes back to one of the image layouts (1&2) it goes back to the beginning of the list of images.

I wondered if overlay layouts (perhaps for the clinic list) would be any help, in which case I think I would have to upgrade to 1.8?

Help / suggestions appreciated.


I would recommend upgrading your CMS to the latest version (1.8.11) and your Players (Android is 1.8 R108, Windows is 1.8.10-132) as this will ensure all bug fixes and Features are up to date. You will also be able to take advantage of XMR, which allows you to push changes to your Players without having to wait for the next Collection Interval.

As you have discovered, Layouts do not continue from the point that they were interrupted. Once they are scheduled to display again, they will begin from the start of the Layout.

A possible solution would be to create a smaller series of Layouts, instead of one Layout containing all 10 images that you wish to show.

For example, you could split Layouts 1 and 2 into smaller Layouts containing perhaps 2-3 images each. You would then be able to create a Campaign that sets an order of first corporate images Layout, followed by first local images Layout, then local activity Layout. Then second corporate Layout, second local image Layout and local activity layout etc. This would ensure that you are showing all images sequentially, without the Layouts starting over and never getting beyond the first couple of images.

Many Thanks.