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I would like to ask if there is any way to automatize the ipk installation with predefined CMS, key and email address
Thank you!

Hi Nomis,

Currently there is not a way to automate Xibo for webOS Player setup as you have described, but a feature is currently in development that could help to resolve your issue.

The feature I’m referring to is the Add Display via code feature which was recently added to the Xibo CMS and is currently supported on Xibo for Android R203 or newer. What happens is instead of entering the CMS URL and Key into the Connect to CMS page fields, you click the Use Code button, which generates a 6 character key. Once you have that key, go to your Version 2 CMS and select the Displays menu. There will be an option named Add Display (Code), enter the unique key and your Display will be added. If you have already set up your Profile to include your License Pool email address then that will be automatically received by the Display when it first connects.

This feature is expected in the near future for webOS, once it has been released it will be announced on the Xibo Blog.

If this is not quite the functionality you are looking for and you are indeed looking for a version of the Player with your CMS credentials predefined within the Player, please open a ticket with the Xibo Help desk so we can discuss these options further.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the info.
I thought it might be possible by adding the info in the scap_installation.json file but thank you for clarifying that.
We do not have so many TVs at the moment but it nice to hear that you guys are working on such feature.

From here a salute and a big thank you again for the great work you guys are doing!
Stay safe :slight_smile:

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Thank you Nomis, glad to hear the information was helpful. Also great to hear you’re happy with the Xibo for webOS Player, there’s a lot more planned so exciting times ahead!

Hope you stay safe too, all the best!


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