Automating CMS URL and key in Ubuntu

Hi all,

Am happily running Xibo player on Windows machines at the moment, but looking at installing on Ubuntu clients. Have tested and all works well, can install, run player settings, then load the player, perfect!

Would like to be able to automate somewhat to ease the load on our techs, so wanted to use similar:

$sed ‘s/yourserverkey/Actualkey/g’ cmsSettings.xml -i

for the CMS URL also.

However unless we manually start the Xibo player settings we don’t get access to the files to edit. Would ideally like to automate them all without need for user interaction.

Hoping someone has managed similar and can point out how stupid I’m being!


Running the following:

Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS
Latest version of Xibo Player

Hi @jamieOlympus

I presume you’ve tried this with root rights.


Yep tried with root. It’s more I’m not sure how to open the Xibo player settings via script, get it to save (with the defaults, or the actual key and licence) so it creates the files needed to edit.

Thank you! :slight_smile: