Automating Authorization of displays

I am working with the API and trying to figure out how to automate the authorization of displays. We are looking to onboard about 600 players at once so going through the clicks of authorizing a display times 600 devices is not feasible.

I have used Postman to connect to the API and do some examples. I am strongest in Powershell when it comes to scripting but I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to do invoke-restmethod and format the oAuth correctly. Or is there a better way of automating these sorts of tasks?

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The basic idea is to have an application registered with CMS (like you have Postman for example) and then edit the displays via API.

You could write a script that would loop through existing displays and call the PUT display
then preserve other options and just change licensed to 1.

Regarding oauth2 itself in the examples folder you will find some basic required parts that you can use in your script that would be
creating a new Xibo provider and entity provider, then you’d construct your script using editDIsplay call to make those changes.

There is a wrapper for displayEdit in oauth2 as well, you could use that, or just more ‘manually’ have guzzle or similar in your script.

We’re in a process of making significant changes to the oauth2, including upgrade it to the newest version, but that’s not quite ready yet for release.

Great thank you for the reply. I felt like I was on the right track but a bit of a learning curve to overcome. Would the oAuth2 changes be coming with v 1.9?