Automatically enrolling signs

CMS Version

3.0.3 on Ubuntu

Player Type


Player Version

File version from properties is 3.301.1.0


I am brand new to Xibo. I am in charge of 300+ signs in a convention center. Our signs normally run Four Winds but we have just added Xibo installs to a subset with a PowerShell script that lets us remotely control whether they start Xibo instead.

On our test server I enrolled a player into the CMS using the code from the player without issue.

The problem is that our potential use case is a third party paying to bring in their Xibo server and having us assign the DNS name to it. How would we get hundreds of signs connected? Is there a way we can automate the enrollment? Is the code used for each player machine persistent so we could get it at install and share with vendor?

Has anyone done anything like this?

Much obliged for any advice?


you could edit the client config file use most script Lang you would also have know default key on server and IP and hardware id hard it based on something sn on or hardware id am on both the linux client and windows it would be pretty easy to script the client side

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