Automate WIFI access and Connect to CMS


I’m new here but I’ve been using Xibo for the past 2-3 years. I have a few pinch points that I want to automate or find solutions for. I have about 20ish Android Xibo Players (DSDevices (DSCS9) / Driodlogic (DSCS9X) Maybe some of you can help.

  • Wifi MAC address, because these devices don’t have the WIFI MAC address anywhere on the device, I have to manually get it from ADB because we use MAC address filtering.

  • While I’m in there I have to use ADB to add our WIFI credentials and access point

  • I also have to use SCRCPY an ADB remote screen tool to set up the device
    - Enter Xibo CMS hostname
    - CMS Passcode
    - Authorization to CMS
    - Enter email for license

Is there a way I can push an APK template to automate any of this? What are other people doing?

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I would like to know if this proces can be automated.
Do you use SCRCPY only within the same network? I am using teamvieuwer (updated to the latest version) to control the device.

Hi welcome to the community!

Could I ask that you open a ticket to our helpdesk so that we can assist you further with this.

When you create the ticket it would be helpful if you could include the following information:

  • How you deploy your DSCS9/DSCS9X Devices?

  • What you would ultimately like to achieve?

  • What elements of the setup you are trying to do remotely and which parts you would like to be pre-configured?

Thank you

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