Audit Log only showing actions I took



I’m wondering if I need to enable something to get the audit log to work. It is only showing the actions I have done in the system. I was trying to find out who added a region to a layout and there was nothing there except the two actions I took. So wondering if there is something I need to do to keep records longer or enable it.



Thank you for your message. Audit Trail should always be on in your CMS, it may be that you have not set a From Date and To Date in the options above the Logs?

I would recommend setting the To Date to tomorrow and the From Date to the earliest you wish to check from, then enter region into the Entity field. As a test I added a Region to a Layout and moved some Regions around. Below is a screenshot of the logs I was able to retrieve:

If that does not work for you, please let me know along with the version of CMS you are using.

Many Thanks


Ahh thanks I made the assumption that if there was no date entered it would be all data. But I see now that I need to pick a date.