Audio streaming on scheduling

Hi everyone, i have problem with 1.8.12 version xibo cms.
I have to insert, in programming, an audio stream coming from a url of the type If I insert the URL in the browser it loads me an audio player and it works regularly. But if I put it inside the programming in the region (I state that there is only one in the layout) this does not work. In the xibo player I see as if the page didn’t load it.
why this? I would be grateful if you could help me, thanks!

Can anyone manage to give me a tip?

I’m trying in every way

I have incorporated streaming with

I hear the audio on the layout in the administrative part when I set the layout.
but on the player nothing. I see the player but the sound is not heard

please someone help me, thanks!

You must schedule as “OverLayout” , set “Display Order” to 0 and “Priority” to 1.