Arm-based player for Linux - 2024 revisit?

This page was last update in 2022

Since then, the Pi5 has been released and is orders of magnitue more powerful than the Pi at the time that page was updated. Not to mention that there are other arm-based commodity device that use the Rockchip RK3588 (Like the Orange Pi 5 Pro) and should be more than enough for FHD digital signage…

Any chance that we will get an official arm build for Linux?

Follow-up question… Can I get around this by installing Android on my arm device? Is it possible to install the Android Xibo Player that way?

gonna try emteria Android for my arm device :frowning:

Please wait the new Xibo Linux Player :wink:

Maybe it will be compatible with ARM components

The RK3588 quad hdmi output player works very well with Xibo Android v4 with a couple tweaks.

yikes :grimacing:

wish I was a professional coder. I’d have a go.

which player is this?

I’ve ordered a Radxa Rock 5B because it is supported by Emteria which makes automation and fleet management possible (easy?).

I’m still in the testing phase but happy to pay for a perpetual android license (in the hopes that it helps the project).
I wish I could get a testing license though. My 14 day trial is about to run out. Currently using it with an rPi4 which is woefully underpowered.

I’m also testing with a ZimaBoard but haven’t had enough time to do it justice. I really don’t want to go with x86 though. Can do without the extra expense of a unit capable of long life playback and heat management. I don’t know how reliable the ZimaBoard is. I think it may be underpowered to deal with too many overlays. I’m very interested in data widgets with dynamic data. Can’t bake everything into the video material. I want a grunty player which doesn’t overheat or use much power. Thats not x86.

that would be fab :ok_hand:

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