Apply existing schedules to different display

Dear all,
We have added a new display, Is there any way to apply all the existing schedules to this new display without manually adding this new display to each schedule ?

Any help woul be much appreciated, thank you.

So…how many scheduled events do you have?
Anyway, you will need to add it manually to each event.

we have about 30+ for this month and 40+ for next month.

Are those events all with different layouts?
I wonder if there perhaps is a way to reduce the number of scheduled events

there are 58 different layouts being scheduled for next 6 months; and each month has between 30-90 schedules.

Could you give me an example of your schedule for lets say this month?

Perhaps you could add more than one layout to each scheduled event, or create campaigns (grouped layouts) so then it would reduce the number of scheduled events. I guess that would depend on how you want it scheduled.

You could also create a display group, add your displays there and then when you create a new event schedule it to whole display group (so in the future when you add new display, you will be able to just assign it to that display group - therefore you won’t need to manually add this single display to each scheduled event.

these schedules/layout has been added by one of the member of staff who manages his departmental display.
I have now setup the Group and has asked that staff to schedule it to the Group.
for Today there are 7 single display schedules and 2 recurring schedules.
each schedules has different timing to run.

I see, then the idea with display group seems to be the best.
It should make it easier to add new displays in the future