Application not responding detected

I am running Xibo on Android on players with an S912, 2gb 16gb. The configuration is surface rendering disabled and we have assigned lengths to all the content in the Layout and 1 second fades. They have been running for a few days, all on the same network. Three have showed errors and so far two with those errors have crashed. One crashed yesterday mid day, another crashed at 5am this morning.

Other errors on the three boxes in question boxes are:

Cannot display video. Uri=file:///data/user/0/ What=1. Extra=-12.

But the files are playing

Unable to open message: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException/error:04000084:RSA routines:OPENSSL_internal:PKCS_DECODING_ERROR

I have pushed a rekey and wont see if it worked until midnight when the error occurred.

Another interesting thing is the screenshots are not working in xibo but i can see what the screens are doing in teamviewer. This is unusual because the other players running on an s905 are working perfectly with it.

Interesting then, you could try switching to external storage perhaps and see if that will make it better.
TextureView in general should be better, but not all devices support it, hence it’s not enabled by default (and surfaceview is instead).

Assuming that XMR is correctly configured, then what you did should solve this error.

Does that mean you do not see any screenshot in CMS?
Or does that mean the screenshot comes back black?
If it is the later then that’s to be expected if you have full screen video playing on your display.

I already set the storage path on all the players because before it was just showing a black screen with the xibo logo. In the CMS it said all players were working fine and all content was downloaded. When i assigned it a storage location then it started playing but then new issues showed up.

XMR is configured, i sent a rekey and that i assume should fix it.

Screenshots are working on all our other players except these because we are using texture view. Its really bazaar. The thumbnails are black and sometimes grey or white if it catches it on a transition. TextureView was our best option because of transition times etc etc and it seems to be working fine but its crashing randomly. Another player just crashed. i.e xibo isnt responding Close app / Wait