AppConfig for MDM Deployment?


we are currently testing replacing our windows players with android players.

We do have managment Software for both operating systems, but windows is just a little to heavy for “only” showing content and requieres too much maintanance in the long run. So we wan’t to test the android player internaly. We do have a great MDM-System which we can integrate the Test-Device using Android Enterprise to run Xibo in Single-App mode.

To make setup less complicated and also, to scale and change configs in the future easaly, we’d like to add an AppConfig with our self-hosted CMS Domain and CMS-Key. With this it would be possible for us to deploy player devices faster and only whitelist them in the CMS later, since the app would start, be configured and registers to the cms.

We are using VMWare AirWatch (Workspace One) for MDM. The App-Config Page looks like this:

The Values and Keys are just examples.

Did we miss the documentation for this or is there no AppConfig for the Android-App available?

A bit of Background can be found here

Thanks for the feedback

Hello and welcome to the Community!

We do not support AppConfig but we do offer building in CMS credentials into a White Label if you want an APK with your CMS details built in.

Further information regarding our White Labelling services can be found at the following links:

Xibo White Labelling

Shop - White Label services

Thank you

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