APK doesn't load on Xibo for Android app


I saw there is an option to upload an APK file as media - “Add Generic File”. I read the documentation on about Generic files here and it says, “The generic file module is used to send additional files to the display client that can then be used for other purposes.”.

I created a layout expecting that Xibo for Android app will download and install the APK and start the app for the scheduled time. But it didn’t behave like that…Also, I couldn’t find more documentation about APK’s behavior.

Xibo for Android version is 1.7, CMS version is 1.7.3

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

That’s not what it’s used for at all!

Uploading an APK to a Generic File is used to upgrade the Xibo Player app on devices which are rooted - so you can keep it up to date without having to visit site. It’s not designed to install or run other applications.

There’s documentation on upgrading the Xibo APK here:

Oh…okay. I went to a different tangent all together. Thanks for the quick reply Alex.