API: Room Signage (Dynamic Data)

Good evening, everyone!

I want to use Xibo as a room signage solution. The main task is to display a dynamic profile picture and info of a doctor, who is available in each room. We have a third-party web-based application, where we can check an actual list of doctors.

As far as I understand, we need to create an individual layout for each doctor and manage displays, by changing layouts depended on the data in a third-party application, using API requests.

Could you recommend the most suitable/correct way to implement this functionality?

Thank you!

I think there are two options you could look at:

  1. Using a DataSet to regularly import data from your system into Xibo - or using the API to regularly import into a DataSet, whichever is easier for you.

  2. Designing a Module so that you can add a “Doctors Info” Widget to your Layouts. The Module would get and cache info from your system.