API Edit Dataset View

Hi All,

this may turn out to be a feature request, but ill ask for help first :slight_smile:

USE CASE - modify the style sheet dependant on a value so that I can dynamically change the look of a Table in Data Set View

API I am trying to use PUT /playlist/widget/{widgetId}?datasetview

I am trying to work with the API to edit a dataSetView module, the edit I want to do requires me to modify the style sheet associated with the widget. When I look at the swagger documentation I see that I can over ride the template , using the override Template flag.

However I cant see where / how I would insert a style sheet via an API,

even though if I get the json from:

url = f"http://dtmgc.xibo.co.uk/api/layout"
headers = {‘Authorization’:"Bearer "+ GetAccessToken()}
params ={‘layout’ :layout_name ,
‘embed’: ‘regions,playlists,widgets’
api_response = requests.request(“GET”,url,params=params, headers=headers)

I can see at

“widgetId”: 14608,
“type”: “cdata”,
“option”: “styleSheet”,
“value”: “table.DataSetTable {STYLE SHEET IS HERE }”

Am i missing something ? is there a better way to do this ?