API 2.0 Get schedule datas gives an array of null



I’m trying to call the /api/schedule/data/events with the oauth2 API
https://github.com/xibosignage/oauth2-xibo-cms/blob/8e6ddb4be070257233c225f8829b8117f9d978c3/src/Entity/XiboSchedule.php#L91. I have some layouts scheduled on the displayGroupId 6 and here is what the result looks like :

The call is working within postman but using the PHP it just gives me an array with null datas.

Do you know why ?

I call it with the ID 6 which is the ID of my display group : $schedule = (new \Xibo\OAuth2\Client\Entity\XiboSchedule($entityProvider))->get(array(‘displayGroupIds’=>array(6)));



Still no ideas ?


I don’t really understand why they would be empty - although if you’re sending those in a URL don’t they have to be displayGroupIds[] ?

All I can suggest is to add some logging in XiboSchedule.php to see if you can see why.