Any plans to integrate Yammer?


Are there any plans to integrate yammer feeds into Xibo?
I tried to embed it into a HTML page, but unfortunately it always needs a logon - which doesn’t work on the Xibo Clients.

The API looks somewhat similar to Twitter - so are there any volunteers for a Yammer module?

Yammer looks a bit like Slack/Rocket.Chat/HipChat,et al ?

I’m not clear why you’d want that displayed on Digital Signage? Do you have a use case you could share?


Here it’s used for internal communication. Therefore I’d like to share one yammer channel on the monitors.

I would have the same request

Yammer is not currently supported with Xibo, however we would be happy to discuss a custom development with you if you would like this functionality to be created.

If you would like more information, I would recommend opening a ticket with our Help Desk and a member of staff will be able to discuss this further. Please outline in your ticket how you would like Yammer integrated with your Xibo setup.

Many Thanks.

Thanks a lot for this information