Any Android Box Recommend?


Since the Minix Series are discontinued, i can not find any model of minix anymore.
Could Xibo team recommend new devide ?
I intend to switch to kiwi, HIMEDIA Box running Android 5.1.
Is there everything ok ?


There certainly are some community recommended android boxes, however our recommended android devices list is here -

Easiest to source and most reliable choice would one of the DSDevices boxes.


The dsdevice does not have reseller in my country. We can only buy domestic only.


You could try contacting them directly and see if they can help you.

Alternatively, perhaps some other community members will share their experience with other android boxes to give you more choices.


We have been using some android box like mecool bb2, x92, t95 tv boxes and they are working fine on our xibo environment. Unless your design is very complicated, I think most of the android box should work. One thing you may consider is the box will be started automatically when power is on.


Well, many thanks.
I tried some China brand box but was not satisfied.
The image resolution is break out.
Picture quality is not good although images were designed with 4k resolution