Anroid video late

I have a problem with delay video , I have an xibo server 1.8.9 and xibo android player. Xibo play RTSP stream from another media devices, i play it from "local video " and install duration 30 minutes, because it’s start lag if i make too big duration. Anyway i have a problem with display video because video is late and may lag up to 40 seconds. Everything would be fine, but if someone changes the channel on a media device, he should wait for up to 40 seconds until an updated channel appears

Xibo for Android simply passes the RTSP URL you give us to Android’s media server for playback. We don’t have any input or control over how quickly it buffers or if the stream URL drops off.

In general, sending a lower quality stream, and ensuring that the Android device is connected via network cable rather than wifi will speed up the time it takes to start showing video output.

How can I determine specifically because of what is so heavily buffered? My end-pont device with xibo player is openbox a6 . Could it be because of hardware is not enough strong ? And if I really understood, the rtsp stream grabs directly from the source rtsp past the xibo server?

The stream goes straight from source to Player. It doesn’t pass through the CMS.

I can’t suggest how you would be able to identify any issue other than looking at the connectivity first, and then potentially the stream options and hardware. If you’re sending a higher than necessary bitrate or fps, then it will take longer buffering.

This my rtsp stream options, on what i must give attention to adjust the data for my xibo player ? I’m just zero in encode\decode video.

try it with high profile
a lower frame rate
settings I have the same encoder and my players have about a 3 second lag.
3 seconds is to much for me but might be help you.